Telos Voyager

Block Producer Candidate for the Telos Blockchain Network


Block Production

We have been active on the testnet throughout the Launch Group Phase and on the mainnet since activation, both as a Standby and a Top 21 block producer


Having worked with the Governance Working Group since the Launch Phase, we are committed to hands on effective and fairminded governance

Core Developers

As contributors to the Telos Core Developers, we wrote and designed the Sentiment feature on among other current and existing projects

Product Development

We are a team with over 20 years combined experience in backend business systems and consumer facing applications

Community Service

With one founder with roots in Colombia and the other in Hawaii, we are committed to service, education and outreach in our respective communities


Our bare metal roadmap is scheduled to launch Q2 2020. Putting us among the top performing block producers in the entire EOSIO community


Maurice Stephens


John Hauge